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Let it be said.....
Crystal Kitesurfing was created to serve the Paphos (Pafos) and Polis community and tourists following the high standards & guidelines set out by the BKSA (British Kitesurfing Association).


Chris and the team are here to help you enjoy your kitesurfing experience no matter the weather. We train with headzone radio helmets so there's no loss of direct communication between the instructor and student which increases the speed at which you learn.

We are a fully accredited training school and retailer of BEST kitesurfing equipment.

Our goal is simple, Teach safe Ride free

We pride ourselves on using and selling the latest “BEST Kiteboarding” equipment.  Over the years we have found that using the latest "Best" equipment has improved our teaching methods and the speed at which students learn.  The fact is that we have yet found another kite which water re-launches as quick as the Kahoonas making the learning process that much safer.


Working from both sides of the island, south (Pafos) and North/West (Polis & Latchi) we can cater for 90% of all wind conditions within a 45 minute drive.

We can arrange free pick up's from your hotel if you book on our 1, 2 or 3 day courses.


the best of professionals

This is what we are good at!!!

Chris Hiley
Chief Instructor

Chris the chief instructor has been kiting since the sport was in it's infancy.

Trained to the high standards of the BKSA (British Kitesurfing Association) Chris's focus is on Safety and enjoyment .

Chris is also a fully qualified wakeboard and waterski instructor with the (British Waterski Federation) and an RYA Powerboat instructor so be rest assured that you are training with a dedicated coach who will push you when you need pushing but knows when to step back.


Tony Phillips

Tony started out windsurfing in the early nineties then on to land boarding but with every new sport you always find way's of looking for the next buzz and this came in the shape of a wooden plank with a couple of straps attached to it,

Tony his brother Alan and Justin headed to the beach to try this new fad called kitesurfing.

Luckily Tony and technology has progressed since those day's and we are proud to have him on the team.

James Ashenden

James is the youngest member of the team however is not without experience.  Born around the water James progressed through windsurfing then land boarding.

 James is technical in his riding style always trying to tweak this and that to get the perfect rotation or stance

James is a also a fully qualified BKSA trained instructor.


what's on offer

Our perspective

As well as being an established kitesurfing shop and school we can offer so much more......


Our previous clients

“WOW, I think sums it up.  Chris made my course so memorable I booked up to the coach sessions now I'm jumping as high as a house......Just need to work on the landings haha Thanks again Crystal Kitesuring...”

James Phipps

“At first I was a little apprehensive it looked like a lot of hard work and to be honest a bit daunting...But after being press ganged into it by my boyfriend we are kiting most weekends on the chilly east coast of England.”  Thanks for introducing us to this fantastic sport.

Mary Jopson

“The flexible learning was a great help, I work all week and only have time in the evenings and if I'm lucky one day at the weekend.  Crystal Kitesurfing catered a programme which suited my needs and thanks to them I'm now up and going what a great feeling...”

James Holmes