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Learn the safe and fun way

Our instructors are here to make your time with us the most rewarding possible.  The team are trained to the high standards of the BKSA (British Kitesurfing Association) giving you the confidence needed.


We spread the course out over 3 day's which ensures that both the practical and theory aspects are covered. 


Using the latest radio helmets from Headzone we've found that our students are learning faster than other schools and are generally getting up on a board by the 3rd day.


If after completing the course you still want to practice we can offer supervised hire of our equipment. Just ask....


Wind guarantee

I know you will find this hard to believe but we can't promise wind every day.  We are lucky and do benefit from the island creating it's own wind during the summer months (April - Oct) called a sea Breeze and this generally kicks in around lunch and lasts sometimes until dusk on average 5 days a week.

The course tends to run from midday onwards so we can get the small amount of theory completed (yes it is important) so we can hit the water and get the best wind. 


While we will try our best to pick the windy day's please understand we have no control over it and can only go by current forecasts so last minute changes my happen (sorry).  We can teach in wind as low as force 2-3 if the god's are against us we can arrange for some other water sports to take it's place. 

Course overview

3 Easy Steps

DAY 1 - €100


This is your introduction into the world of Kitesurfing. Day 1 course will give you the foundation to enable you to set up and kite fly safely and with confidence.


The elements of Day 1 course are as follows:

Intro into kitesurfing
Wind window
Site assessment and safety
Equipment introduction
Pre flight checks and set up
Launching and landing
Water Relaunch

Deep water self rescues and pack down.
At the end of a one day course you will know all about kitesurfing and how to do the basics safely. Your next step will be to introduce a board and get up and riding



DAY 2 - €100

The BKSA two day course builds on the knowledge and skills that you learnt on day one. Day 2 we introduce the board. From here we aim to get you up and riding allowing you to take kitesurfing to what ever level you want to achieve.

The elements of Day 2 course are as follows:

Waterstart theory
Using the wind window to power your kite
Waterstarts and riding
Rules of the road
Edging and riding upwind

At the end of day 2 you will have learnt the all the skills of kitesurfing and have a foundation to grow from. Now all you have to do is get out there and practice as often as you can, either by having more tuition, supervision, hiring kit or using your own


DAY 3 - €100

Day 3 course builds on your knowledge and skills to get you kitesurfing independently. By the end of day three you will have everything you need to know to get you out there kitesurfing and avoid the dangers.

The elements of Day 3 course are as follows:

Tidal and weather theory
Advanced site assessment and safety
Launch, Land, re-launch independently
Improve your kitesurfing skills and explanation of styles and your next step

At the end of day three you will have the confidence to go to the beach site assess, set up, Land launch, relaunch and practice safely and independently all over the world.



Gift certificates

For that special occasion
What better present to give someone than our Kitesurfing vouchers. 
Prices start at :
50 Euros for our 2 Hour Taster Package

100 Euros for our 1 day Course

200 Euros for our 2 day course

300 Euros for our 3 day course

Vouchers can be used against purchases in our kitesurf shop.
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