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Redline Bar,


2009 50cm Redline bar with 23m Lines



 In Stock

2010 Spark Boards



130  -  135  -  140 


Armarda Boards


This Intermediate/Pro board has outstanding performance, now being rated as one of the best boards available on the market the pro riders are queuing up to get their name beside them.



130 x 40 cm   -  135 x 40 cm  -  137 x 41 cm


All Sizes in Stock



3m Trainer Kite set


Thinking about starting the sport or looking for a kite to learn tricks with then the BEST trainer kite is for you.  The set includes 2 line 3meter ram air kite with bar and kill cord.


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100 Euro

Mystic Warrior Len10 Harness


The ultimate in harnesses this pro Waist harness includes the Mystic easy snap Clicker bar system and handle pass leash to avoid unwanted tangles when you start unhooking


All sizes avaible

XS, S, M, L, XL




Various Mystic Seat and Waist harnesses available starting from just 60 Euro

Mystic Razor Buoyancy Aid


This smart design in buoyancy aid keeps you afloat and also doubles up as an impact vest.  The Mystic Razor is designed to sit just above your waist or seat harness giving you ultimate freedom to perform freestyle.


90 Euro

Mystic Garth Helmet


One of the most popular helmets on the market the Mystic's "Garth" helmet is built to withstand the vigour's of the sea and surf while giving you comfort and safety around the clock


One size Fits all


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The largest and most in-depth kitesurfing magazine, Kiteworld covers every angle of the sport from Wake style through to snow kiting it's all you need to keep up to date with the sport.


Latest editions and back editions


6 Euro


We can arrange delivery and yearly subscriptions at a discounted cost.